Turtle Lake Cottage

Turtle Lake Cottage

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Update for the Holidays

Hi everyone!

There has been lots of activity going on at Turtle Lake.  The Solar Panels have been ordered and if the snow cooperates, may be installed very soon. We will be installing a 3.4kw system in the beginning with the potential to add to it as needed.

 The posts for the glass railings on the deck have been installed. Walls have been taped and sanded and have been primed.  The tile is mostly laid and by now grouted.  Jack and I picked out tiles for the stair risers (cobalt glazed).

We met with our Sustainable Team to review our progress on achieving Platinum LEED certification.  We are making great progress.

We hope to go up over New Years weekend...I am soooo excited to see the progress.

I was able to figure out why some folks were unable to leave a comment.  It should now be fixed.  We'd love read your comments...Thanks!

We wish everyone a peaceful and joyous holiday and Best Wishes for a terrific 2011!

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  1. It looks so beautiful with the snow and it is not even complete. Enjoy the Holidays.