Turtle Lake Cottage

Turtle Lake Cottage

Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 20 - update

You know it is a good day when the Geo-thermal installers remark "you have more insulation in your walls than we do in our attics".  It is amazing how tight the house is so far and we are missing 2 windows and the front door is not installed yet.

The activity this week included having all the drywall  installed...even in the gargage!  It is so cool to see the room defined and the vaulted ceiling in the greatroom.  The knotty pine ceiling was installed in the sun porch.  And we have ELECTRICITY!  In some of the pics you can see some light showing.  In addition,  the well is dug.

Next up, is the completion of the cement fiber board and vinyl siding, tile installation will begin, the Geothermal HVAC system will be completed, the 2 final windows hung and the front door installed.

We wish everyone a great Thanksgiving...the Dillon/Witham family certainly have many things for which to be thankful!

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