Turtle Lake Cottage

Turtle Lake Cottage

Sunday, January 30, 2011

We are in the home stretch!

I can't believe we are nearing completion of our home.  Jack and I were up yesterday and found a foot of snow.  It is a good thing that we have an SUV in addition to the Prius or we never would have made it up the road and the driveway.

As you can see from the new photos, the cabinets have been installed in the bathrooms and kitchen.  The built-ins in the Great room (or Magnolia Room as Jack calls it - I can't seem to wrap my head around calling it the Magnolia Room) have been installed.  We met up with Mike and George, the tile professionals.  We spent an hour or so laying out the tile design for the fireplace.  They had some great ideas and the fireplace design will be awesome.  If you remember, we got the tiles from Portugal after we fell in love with them while visiting Spain and Portugal when Patrick was studying in Spain. 

The fireplace is electric rather than gas as everything is electric in the house so we can use the solar to generate electric.  Mike and George had to finish installing the fireplace and programmed the remote to use it.  I was pleasantly surprised that it looks rather realistic.  I was expecting it to look cheesy so am very happy with it.

The new office is drywalled, trimmed and nearing completion.  It is going to be just lovely.

The kitchen cabinets are in so now you can see the layout of the kitchen.  Jack is VERY pleased with how it looks and since he is the cook, that is all that matters.  Also, check out the Information station that will house cell phone chargers and a message center.  Tom, the Project Manager and Cabinet Maker, created and designed it. 

We finished the day doing a bit of exploring using our snowshoes....very peaceful!

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